So many creative things going on!

The biggest, for me, is that after several years away from novel writing, I an returning to finish my magnum opus.  I have heard the cries of my beta readers, who received only 2/3s of the high fantasy novel and am determined to finish the first draft this year.  Hopefully, this winter.

It is the fantastical tale of a woman of our world and time swept away to an alternate Earth after her death.  A world where magic and the Fey are real, but people are still people, and power brings out the worst in us.  Kind of Gail Z Martin meets a really weird dream I had about elves….

Next is that I will be directing Reliving Marilyn, a retrospective drama by Morgan Blackbyrne, and starring Nadine Banville.

I am hoping to redirect my energies to my writing and painting this year, after 2 years of almost nothing.  So I have pulled out the old scripts and first drafts, reopened the inspirational books, like On Writing by Stephen King, and Techniques of the Selling Writer.

And I am finding an extension cord so I can plug in a heater by my attic desk, digging out a low cal nibble to chew on ruminatively, I find that I have over a dozen scripts, novels and short stories to finish.  This could take a while.  But with the inspiration of music by Heather Dale, and my friend Jamieson Wolf getting the #1 bestselling poetry book spot (pause for cheering), I am ready to tackle the pile of paper.

And just to keep you all tuned in, I have a surprise coming up soon that involves one of these lovely people.


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