Some time off preproduction for… other work.

So September vanished under under helping a close friend finish up 5 years worth of back taxes, canning 40-60lbs of tomatoes, harvesting the garden, and filling out endless reams of paper for a Canada Arts Council grant application.

During September, I also started a new business; Laurie’s Ultimate Goods, selling spices, creams and salves.  All handmade by me, using all natural ingredients.  I had my field test at Music in the Pines where I sold $100 or 1/3 of my stock by just setting up a table outside my tent.

I guess there’s a market for spices made without fillers, preservatives and dyes.  And for face creams so clean you could eat them.

Then came October, more back taxes and HST reports, the Ontario Arts Council grant application, (which of course was different than the one from last month), and the realization that I had booked myself for 2 days of craft fairs on Nov 2nd.  The day after the OAC application was due.  And I have very little stock, no business cards or pamphlets, two craft fairs wanted free samples (in a gift bag or basket) to give away…

AND  NaNoWriMo starts Nov 1st.  I am hoping to use Nano to force me to write a detailed (50,000 words of detail) outline for my Avalon film.  Or novel.  A novel may be much easier than all the wardrobe and makeup and location and crew and actors and food…

Oh shit.  I forgot to send out the deal memo for Reliving Marilyn to our DOP.

So much for time off, maybe in December?


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